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Concrete Surface Preparation & Coatings Removal


Hydroblasting is typically used on concrete structures such as bridges, but this method of surface preparation is transferrable across much of UK infrastructure. On concrete the Limpet is used for preparation of surfaces such as;  bridge decks & tunnels providing a clean dust free finish and without any percussive vibration associated with mechanical preparation techniques that can create micro cracks.


This finish is perfect for laying new concrete, or coatings (such as waterproofing) as all chemical traces and debris are removed as part of the process.


Technical advantages

  • UHP water blasting provides a surface free from non-visible contamination.
  • Produces a perfect surface on which to apply new coating or additional concrete.

Safety and environmental advantages

  • RGL’s Limpet Crawler system is remote control and takes operators away from the work face, thus reducing working hazards.
  • Hydroblasting is dust-free – operatives rarely need to wear RPE (respiratory protective equipment) or work in sheeted, confined spaces.


Typical applications

  • Road, rail bridges and tunnels.